John W. Warnock

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Biography: John W. Warnock, Born and Raised in Ohio, Emigrates to Canada.


john2     John W. Warnock was born and raised in a small rural community close to Cleveland, Ohio. He worked as a spot welder for Viking Air Conditioning, a division of National Cash Register, where he was an in-plant organizer for the United Auto Workers. He also worked as a labourer and cinder snapper in the blast furnace division of Jones & Laughlin Steel Co., where he was an active member of the United Steelworkers of America.


     In 1956 he received an A.B. from Duke University, Durham, North Carolina, where he majored in interdisciplinary social science. He moved to Washington, D.C. and spent a year at Georgetown University’s School of Foreign Service where he took international finance and trade. He then transferred to the School of International Service at The American University where he received an M.A. in 1958 and his doctorate in 1970. While living in Washington, he was active in the civil rights and peace movement.


     From 1957 to 1961 Warnock worked as a reference assistant and then an archivist in the Manuscripts Division of the Library of Congress. He joined the U.S. Foreign Service in 1961 and was assigned to the Department of State where he worked in the Latin America Economic Division.


     In 1963 Warnock, his wife Betty, and their daughter moved to Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, where he taught in the Department of Economics and Political Science, University of Saskatchewan. They quickly became Canadian citizens. Warnock was active in the New Democratic Party, the anti-Vietnam War movement, and worked with the National Farmers Union’s winter education program.


    A major change occurred in 1973 when Warnock and his family moved to Naramata, British Columbia to become commercial orchardists. Warnock was active in the B.C. Fruit Growers Association, the Naramata Growers Co-operative, the National Farmers Union, the South Okanagan Civil Liberties Association, and was a founding member of the South Okanagan Environmental Coalition. During this time he continued to research and write, focusing on the food and agriculture industry. He was one of two B.C. commissioners on the national Peoples’ Food Commission.


     The family moved to Victoria, B.C. in 1981 where Warnock worked as an independent researcher and writer, while teaching one year in the Department of Sociology at the University of Victoria. He was a representative for the Society for the Promotion of Environmental Conservation (SPEC) on the steering committee of the Solidarity Coalition.


     In 1986 Warnock moved to Regina, Saskatchewan to take a position teaching at the University of Regina. His wife Betty moved to Alvena and then Saskatoon, Saskatchewan to pursue her art career full time. At the University of Regina, Warnock taught in the Political Science Department, the School of Human Justice, and the School of Social Work. His base was in the Department of Sociology and Social Science.


    In Regina he served on the steering committee of the Saskatchewan Coalition for Social Justice, on the board of the Council on Social Development Regina, was an active member of the Poverty Action Group, and was a special adviser to the Aboriginal Council of Regina. He was one of the founding members of the New Green Alliance (NGA), the precursor to the Green Party of Saskatchewan. He was a candidate for the NGA in the 1999 and 2003 provincial elections for Regina Elphinstone, an inner city riding. He also played an active role in the formation of a new Regina municipal party, Committee for a Citizen Friendly Regina (CCFR), which is now inactive.


     Warnock has been a long time supporter of the independent media in Canada. He was a regular contributor and board member of Canadian Dimension Magazine for many years. He served on the Editorial Board of This Magazine. In Saskatoon he was a regular contributor and board member of Next Year Country. In Regina he was a regular contributor to Briarpatch Magazine and then assistant editor between 1990 and 1995.


 John W. Warnock,  curriculum vitae

(1)  Background:
Born at Cleveland, Ohio, December 1, 1933.  Emigrated to Canada in 1963.  Divorced, three children.  Canadian citizen. Address: P. O. Box 95, Bulyea, Saskatchewan, S0G 0L0.  E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

(2)  Education:
School of International Service, The American University, Washington, D .C., M .A. 1958; PhD, 1970.  Interdisciplinary program in international relations.
Georgetown School of Foreign Service, Washington, D .C., 1956-1957.  Preparatory program for the U .S. Foreign Service, major in international trade and finance.
Duke University, Durham, N. C., A .B., 1956.  Interdisciplinary social science program:  majors in political science and history; minors in economics and sociology.
(3)  Professional history:


2003-2017. Independent researcher and writer.


1986 to 2003. Sessional Instructor in the Department of Sociology and Social Science and the Department of Political Science, University of Regina, Regina, Saskatchewan.


1990 to 1995. Assistant editor and feature writer, Briarpatch Magazine, Regina, Saskatchewan; Editorial Collective, Canadian Dimension Magazine, Winnipeg, Manitoba.


January-April 1993 and January-April 1992. Canada Council Non-Fiction Arts A Award. Doing research in Mexico on the impact of neoliberalism and NAFTA on Mexico.


January-February 1991.  University of Havana, Havana, Cuba. Beginning language course in Spanish.


January-August 1988. On grant from the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada. Research project in New Zealand and Australia on the economic policies of the two Labour governments.

1981-1986. Self-employed as a consultant, researcher and lecturer, specializing in food and agricultural issues. Co-chair of the B. C. Independent Commission on Food and Agriculture. Victoria, British Columbia. Commissioner, Peoples Food Commission, Ottawa. 1984.


1983-4. Instructor, Department of Sociology, University of Victoria, Victoria, B..C.


1973-1981.  Commercial orchardist in the Okanagan Valley, British Columbia.  Also engaged in research, writing and consulting on agricultural issues.


1963-1973.  Associate Professor in the Department of Economics and Political Science, University of Saskatchewan, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.


1970-71. Visiting Professor, Department of Political Science, Atkinson College, York University, Downsview, Ontario.

1961-1963.  U S. Foreign Service.  Assigned to the Economic Division, Latin American Section, Department of State, Washington, D. C.


1958-1961. Library of Congress, Washington, D .C. Reference Assistant, Jefferson Building, and Historian and Archivist, Presidential Papers, Manuscripts Division.

(4)  Internet publications:


Web page: or




Independent Media. Act Up in Saskatchewan. 2000-2014.


(5)  Books and major reports:

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    John W. WarnockCommunity and Political Activities


(1) Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, 1963 - 1972


Committee to Oppose the War in Vietnam


Committee to Mobilize for the Demonstration Against Chemical and Biological Warfare,  Suffield, Alberta.


Committee for a Socialist Movement, Saskatoon branch


Original signer, “For an Independent Socialist Canada “– Waffle movement in the New Democratic Party


Provincial Steering Committee, Saskatchewan Waffle, NDP


1971 - Campaign Manager for Don Mitchell, Waffle candidate for the leadership of the provincial NDP


1971 - 1973 Saskatoon-Sutherland NDP  riding association, executive committee


(2) Naramata, B.C. 1973 - 1981


Naramata Growers Co-operative


B. C. Fruit Growers Association


National Farmers Union


Founding member, South Okanagan Environmental Coalition


Warnock & Lewis v. The Queen, Supreme Court of British Columbia, 1978. Won injunction against the B. C. Government, prohibiting the use of 2,4-D in the Okanagan lakes.


Board Member, Penticton Legal Aid Clinic


Canadian Federation of Civil Liberties and Human Rights, Penticton branch


Peoples’ Food Commission, B. C. Commissioner


(3) Victoria, B. C. , 1982 - 1986


Society for the Promotion of Environmental Conservation (SPEC)


Victoria steering committee, Solidarity Coalition


Committee on Alternatives for British Columbia


B. C. Federation of Agriculture; Project for the Provincial Inquiry into the Proposed Site C. Dam


Solidarity Times, Victoria correspondent


(4) Regina, Saskatchewan, 1986 - 2014


Saskatchewan Coalition for Social Justice; provincial steering committee


Saskatchewan delegate to the Action Canada Network


Editorial committee, Canadian Coalition against Free Trade


Board of Directors, Contributor, Assistant Editor, Briarpatch Magazine


Board of Directors, Prairie Dog Magazine, Regina


Council on Social Development, Regina, board member


Poverty Action Group


Canadian Observer Team, Common Frontiers, Mexican federal elections, 1994 and 1997


Sierra Club of Canada, Regina branch


New Green Alliance, provincial steering committee


New Green Alliance, candidate for Regina Elphinstone, 1999 provincial election


New Green Alliance, candidate for Regina Elphinstone, 2004 provincial election


World Trade Organization - Conference in Seattle December 1999

Committee for a Citizen Friendly Regina


Special Adviser to the Aboriginal Council of Regina


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